Rudy Giuliani (Of All People) Is Now Lecturing Us All On The Dangers Of Spreading Misinformation

Barely four days after the 2020 presidential election that experts and officials warned would take weeks to finish counting, Rudy Giuliani gave an outdoor press conference next to a sex shop where he declared Donald Trump the winner and embarked on a months-long campaign of getting absolutely wrecked in court thanks to a complete lack of evidence to back up that claim. On top of those very public and humiliating losses, Giuliani became the target of not one, but two multi-billion dollar lawsuits from election software companies that he slandered and defamed in his failed attempt to prove the election was stolen. While you’d think that would have taught Rudy a lesson, just this week he was banned from YouTube for continuing to push the “Big Lie” that Trump won.

So with all of that in mind, you can only imagine the reactions Giuliani received when he took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to lecture people on the dangers of spreading misinformation. “Misinformation has become a daily occurrence on social media platforms,” Giuliani tweeted with not a whiff of irony whatsoever. “If continued unaddressed, it will eventually lead to Jefferson’s worst nightmare of a poorly informed citizenry, which he saw as the greatest danger to democracy.”

Included in the tweet was a link to Giuliani’s latest video on Rumble, which is coincidentally the same video app where Donald Trump Jr. is currently posting insane rants in front of a wall of guns. Naturally, that fun tidbit didn’t help Giuliani’s credibility as he proceeded to get roasted on social media for actually thinking he’s the moral arbiter of what is or isn’t misinformation.

(Via Rudy W. Giuliani on Twitter)

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