Rudy Giuliani Went Full Chicken Little And Claimed A Trump Indictment ‘Is ​The Kind Of Thing That Ends A Civilization’

Rudy Giuliani does things big. Whether it’s taking a dump on Air Force One or (allegedly) drunkenly encouraging Donald Trump to simply claim he won a presidency he lost, the former New York City Mayor’s leaky-headed logic is not always for the faint of heart, or sound of mind. And his (over)reaction to the news that Trump may very well be indicted today for his hush money payment to Stormy Daniels had Rudy in a predictably over-the-top tizzy.

As Newsweek reports, Giuliani appeared on Newsmax on Sunday night, where he was asked about the possibility of Trump being indicted. In Rudy’s mind, it would basically be the equivalent of a giant asteroid crashing into the planet.

“It’s usually the downfall of a great republic when the prosecution system is turned into a political device,” Rudy said. “You can look at ancient history, and you can see this is the kind of thing that ends a civilization.”

Or, it could be a case of an individual who has repeatedly engaged in questionable behavior finally being held accountable for his wrongdoings. Whichever the case, an indictment would be unprecedented.

“If charges are brought, it would make Trump the first former president to be indicted, and it could damage his hopes of retaking the presidency in the 2024 race,” writes Aleks Phillips for Newsweek. “He remains the only big name to have declared his candidacy in the Republican primaries so far.”

Meanwhile, and perhaps even more importantly, video of “Little Teapot” Giuliani being paid to recite nursery rhymes on Cameo found its way onto social media this week. Which seems like a crime unto itself.

(Via Newsweek)