Rudy Giuliani Was Caught On Video Screaming At A Heckler During A Parade

Rudy Giuliani is “the weirdest man in the history of politics,” but, somehow, even that designation is an understatement. He appears on The Masked Singer, he shaves in public after eating soup, and he has meltdown after meltdown after (literal) meltdown, including one this weekend at the Israel Day Parade in New York City.

The man formerly known as America’s Mayor was caught on video yelling at a heckler during the parade. It’s not clear what the heckler initially said, but it caught the attention of Giuliani, who fired back, “I reduced crime, you jackass. You are a brainwashed asshole.” When someone in the crowd sarcastically called Giuliani a “class act,” he replied, “I am a class act. You are probably as demented as Biden!” before walking away:

Giuliani, as he does in this video, has often claimed credit for a drop in crime rates in New York during his administration. However, analysts say the reality is much more complicated: PolitiFact notes the decline in crime rates actually began several years before Giuliani took office. And while the trend continued under his mayorship, it was also part of a nationwide decline in crime and the impact of his policies is debatable.

The altercation between Giuliani and the heckler comes days after he was questioned for nine hours by the January 6 committee for his involvement in attempting to overturn the 2020 election results. So, yeah, Rudy’s doing great!

(Via the Huffington Post)