Rudy Giuliani And The Trump Legal ‘Strike Force’ Are Holding A ‘Hearing’ At An Arizona Hyatt, And The Jokes Won’t Stop

Four Seasons Total Landscaping must’ve already been booked because Trump’s legal strike force launched a Monday “hearing” at the Hyatt in downtown Phoenix, Arizona to keep pushing their voter-fraud claims.

In a press release sent out by Republican Rep. Mark Finchem, Trump’s lawyers laid out their latest ruse when it comes to arguing our fair election protocols, stating that they intended to hold a hearing which would be open to the public and live-streamed. This hearing, according to Finchem’s statement, promises to bring evidence of election tampering to light after Fox Business host Maria Baritromo didn’t press for any evidence from Trump. This comes after Trump’s legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani, has lost countless suits in multiple states that petitioned for voting recounts and, in some cases, to toss out citizens’ ballots altogether. Last week, Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey publicly acknowledged Joe Biden’s victory in his state.

Finchem’s request for a meeting of the House Federal Relations Committee on the matter has yet to be answered, and despite calling this meeting a “hearing,” it’s not an official gathering of the State Legislature. Instead, it looks like Finchem, along with some GOP representatives including Giuliani and Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, will be presenting and judging their own self-supplied evidence. Why? We’re still not sure. Legally, Trump’s pretty much squandered any chance of taking back the presidency, but even though this whole thing is just a smoke and mirrors show, Twitter is still having a hell of a time with it.

To be fair, we can’t confirm whether Giuliani and company were regulated to the cafeteria because of a My Little Pony convention … but no one can rule it out, either.