Scientists Create Virtual Cockroaches, Because They Can

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05.18.10 2 Comments

If there’s one thing all human beings hate, it’s cockroaches, because they’re disgusting little creatures who are nonetheless highly entertaining when somebody else is subjected to them. For years, careful placement of traps and collection of bugs has been needed to shower your friend with these horrible creatures at just the right moment. Leave it to science to take all the labor out of it and just create virtual cockroaches.

The Spanish scientists, augmented reality system makes it easier for people to confront their phobias, and it’s pretty simple. Patients strap on a VR helmet while sitting at a desk, and the camera projects an image of the desk…covered in cockroaches.  They’re supposed to put their hands down on the desk and let the cockroaches virtually swarm all over their hands, thus allowing them to confront their cockroach phobia, or possibly create a truly hilarious YouTube video.

Now get to work on the holographics, guys.  Our friends aren’t going to pee themselves without help.

[ via Vizworld and the highly unfortunately named Randy Hand ]

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