Scientists Finally Figure Out Reusable Spray-On Clothing

09.20.10 8 years ago

Ever wish you didn’t have to do all that annoying shopping for clothes…or that bothersome putting on clothes? Well, scientists have finally cracked the puzzle of spray-on wearable (and reusable!) clothes, bringing us one step closer to Futurama‘s spray-on bikini.

Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres worked with the science department of Imperial College London to develop the special material: a mix of polymers and cotton fibers that can be sprayed from an aerosol. He can even use acrylic, linen and wool fibers to change the texture. (And that’s just what everyone wants, skin-tight wool.) It’s strong enough that it can be taken off and washed with your regular laundry, or just dissolve it with a solvent and you can spray it again.

(We noticed nobody’s mentioning whether the fabric attaches to body hair. You probably shouldn’t expect a spray-on Speedo any time soon.)

[Guardian via Pop Sci]

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