Seth Meyers Ripped Trump ‘Dipsh*ts’ Rudy Giuliani And Jenna Ellis For Thinking They Were Smart Enough To Overturn An Election

If you’re ever in need of someone to help pull off a major scam on the American public—like, say, to overturn a completely legitimate presidential election—Rudy Giuliani is not your guy. Donald Trump learned that lesson the hard way when he hilariously entrusted Rudy to do just that in 2020, as Seth Meyers noted on Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look.”

While we’ve long heard stories of the lengths Trump and Giuliani went to in order to convince election officials around the country to assist them in proving that there was massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the first-person narratives of the January 6th hearings are giving substance and context to those stories. Meyers’ biggest takeaway? Rudy and the rest of Trump’s legal team are a bunch of “dipsh*ts.”

Earlier this week, Arizona Republican House Speaker Russell “Rusty” Bowers testified about his many meetings with Giuliani and fellow Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, who continued to promise Bowers evidence of the fraud they were claiming took place, until the former New York City mayor finally admitted “we’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence.” Bowers—who actually testified to laughing at Giuliani’s legal strategy—said he wasn’t sure if it was “a gaffe, or maybe he didn’t think through what he said,” which endlessly amused Meyers, who’s not convinced Giuliani “has ever thought through anything he’s ever said in his entire life… Rudy didn’t even think through why the Four Seasons he booked for a press conference looked more like a landscaping company than a hotel. He just let the press conference rip!”

While Bowers testified that both Trump and Giuliani continued to promise they had evidence that thousands of dead people had cast votes in the Arizona election, they were never able to provide the Arizona lawmaker with one piece of the evidence they claimed to have. And at one point, Giuliani and Ellis even flew out to Arizona but somehow forgot to bring the reams of evidence with them. Meyers had some thoughts on that:

I mean, this is just me. But if I was preparing for a high-stakes meeting with a prominent Republican official to convince them to overturn their state’s election results, reversing the will of 80 million people and potentially provoking a constitutional crisis, I think I—and again, this is just me—I think I’d remember to bring the evidence. That’s just me! That’s just me!…

They actually thought they could get away with saying they had the proof, just never having it with them. These people are such bad scam artists. It’s actually remarkable how close they came to overthrowing American democracy. In fact, even calling them ‘scam artists’ is overstating the case. That’s like calling [a Subway employee] a ‘sandwich artist.’ At best, you’re a ‘sandwich attempter.’

Ultimately, Meyers decided that “dipsh*ts” is a much better descriptor.

You can watch the full segment above.