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Oddee posted a great list of the ten lamest mockbuster movies. Neatorama noticed that C. Thomas Howell is in three of these.  I’d make a joke about that, but my mamma always taught me not to kick somebody when they’re down, unless they’re Welsh.

A mockbuster is a film, often made with a low budget, created with the apparent intention of piggy-backing on the publicity of a major film with a similar title. These movies have similar names like “Snakes on a Train” –not to be confused with “Snakes on a Plane”– or “Transmorphers”, instead of “Transformers.” They are sometimes released around the same time real larger-budget movies, to make money off their hype and advertising. [Oddee]

The Asylum is one studio behind a lot of these movies, such as Sherlock Holmes (dinosauriffic trailer below), which releases this Friday, one month after Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.  We’ve replaced the usual Robert Downey Jr. with dinosaurs.  Let’s see if they notice.

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