Sidney ‘The Kraken’ Powell Is Trying To Get The Georgia RICO Charges Against Her Tossed

As a signature member of Donald Trump‘s Elite Legal Strike Force team, Sidney “The Kraken” Powell got swept in the Georgia RICO charges filed against the former president and 18 codefendants for their election-meddling scheme.

Alongside Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, Powell was one of the more prominent faces of Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, and those efforts allegedly involved Powell’s attempt to breach voting machines in Georgia. However, she argues in a new motion that she was actually against the imaging that was done by a law firm she hired to analyze the voting machines.

Via The Messenger:

“Ms. Powell’s counsel also believes there are text messages and other documents, including grand jury testimony by Paul Maggio of SullivanStricklerLLC, that not only show authority was given, but also demonstrate that Ms. Powell did not agree with anyone to access the Coffee County machines,” the footnote reads.

Powell’s non-profit group Defending the Republic paid SullivanStrickler, a computer forensics firm retained to collect and analyze equipment from Dominion Voting Systems, a frequent target of her election-related conspiracy theories. But Powell has tried to distance herself from her organization’s dealings.

“She was simply not involved in arranging that transaction,” the footnote reads.

As for the chances of Powell’s charges being dropped? Not likely considering a grand jury already examined the evidence.

“There’s no motion to dismiss for not enough evidence,” Atlanta-based defense attorney Andrew Fleischman told The Messenger. “Once a grand jury has found probable cause, that determination is the determination.”

(Via Raw Story)