Slimer Pretends to Be Russian Designer In Elaborate Plot

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06.16.10 3 Comments

Yuriy Dmitriev claims to be a Russian designer with a brilliant new method for preserving food. He claims the goop in the center is made of an odorless, non-sticky bio-polymer gel that you can simply plunge the food into and leave it there, suspended until you come back for it. It’s so convincing that it’s actually one of the twenty-five semifinalists in Electrolux’s Design Lab contest, which presumably tries to come up with the next wave in appliances, and let’s face it, they can use all the innovation they can get.

But Mr. “Dmitriev” gives himself away with the color of that gel. We’ve seen that green. That green has haunted our movie theaters, our TV screens, and countless juice boxes of Ecto Cooler. A green gel? That sits in our house? And we’re supposed to just stick food in it and walk away none the wiser?

Crafty, Slimer, crafty. But we’re still calling Egon. Now get off the Internet, we’re betting Gozer wants to cyber.

[ via DVice ]

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