People Can’t Stop Laughing At Snoop Dogg’s Hilariously Disastrous ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Appearance

Recent clips of Snoop Dogg competing on an episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune have resurfaced because, well, they feature a possibly high Snoop Dogg trying to solve word puzzles. What’s not to love?

The two-minute compilation clip features the D-O-Double-G squaring off against fellow competitors Amanda Seales and Mark Duplass as the trio tries to guess words in categories like “Person,” “Occupation,” and “What are you doing?” That last question is probably one Snoop asked himself after he tossed out a string of hilariously wrong answers.

In the aforementioned “What are you doing” category, Snoop answered “Baking Onions” when the correct guess was “Baking Brownies,” an embarrassing miss for someone who, as Seales cackled, has made that his “whole bag.” Host Pat Sajak even got in on the ribbing, telling Snoop his pal Martha Stewart was “going to be disappointed” he got that one wrong.

Here are a few other Snoop guesses that should make it into the show’s Hall of Fame for spectacularly bad answers.

When the “Person” category popped up, Snoop shouted out “Toilet Atlas.” The correct answer: “Talented Artist.”

In the next “What are you doing” category, Snoop guessed “Swallowing the not.” The answer was “Sweetening the pot.”

Under “Occupation,” Snoop made the valiant effort of “Airport Teacher,” but was thwarted by the actual answer of “Acting Teacher.” He was getting closer, and he performed well again in the “Event” category, offering “Underwater Stunt,” when the right answer was “Publicity Stunt.”

Snoop finally guessed right in the “Rhyme Time” category — which, fitting — but it sounds like Twitter didn’t mind his losing streak all that much.

The lesson here seems to be clear: Put Snoop Dogg on more gameshows.

(Via The TODAY Show)