Stan Lee To Find Real Muties In Inevitably Disappointing Show

05.06.10 9 years ago

Stan “The Tan” Lee has had an incredible career, as well as a recent renaissance, making him the most beloved senior citizen among nerds since William Shatner.  However, his TV career has been less than impressive; apparently when “Blade” finally broke the Marvel curse, it didn’t extend to reality shows or Simpsons appearances.  Luckily, the increasingly inaccurately named History Channel is here to save the day, with a show hosted by Lee, along with the world’s most flexible man, who you kind of expect to find in, ah, slightly more mature entertainment.

Anyway, the idea is that they’ll explore history to find various people with incredible powers thanks to their genetics, or, as the show claims, “real-life X-Men”.  We’re trying to be excited, but we find ourselves wondering just what this show’s standards really are.  Are they really going to spend an hour passing off some poor schmoe from history who got stuck with a debilitating bone disorder or some other sort of painful genetic condition as the equivalent of Wolverine?  Or are they going to greatly exaggerate it to the point where we learn George Washington had optic blasts?

Either way, we see an entire generation of eager children being introduced to just what “crushing disappointment” actually means.

[ via Hollywood Reporter ]

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