Ted Cruz Made An Ass Of Himself (Again) On Twitter, This Time By Confusing An Australian COVID Mandate For A Washington One

For Ted Cruz, who once swallowed a booger during a presidential debate, doing something idiotic is pretty much a daily occurrence—and yesterday was no exception. As Raw Story reports, the Texas senator went off on yet another one of his notoriously dumb Twitter rants, this one about “blue-state Dems” in Washington going all Footloose on residents and attempting to enforce a no-dancing rule on New Year’s Eve, even at private parties. Except Ol’ Ted had inserted himself into a conversation about Western Australia’s COVID mandates, not Washington’s.

After seeing the below tweet from far-right YouTuber and InfoWars contributor Paul Joseph Watson:

Cruz, who was too busy to actually read the tweet—even though Twitter now even helpfully reminds you to do so—picked up the mandate-bashing baton and ran with it. He retweeted Watson, but shared his own thoughts on those damn dirty Dems, noting: “Blue-state Dems are power-drunk authoritarian kill-joys. Washington State: NO DANCING ALLOWED!!! Any rational & free citizen: Piss off.” (He later deleted the tweet about being raked over the coals for it, but not before many could screengrab it.)

It didn’t take long for Twitter to do its thing and let Cruz know that he was an idiot, prompting the Cancun fan to quietly delete his tweet—though he should know by now that no dumb tweet ever really goes away.

Ironically enough, tough-guy Ted did attempt to pick a fight with the “tyrannical” Australian government back in October, and promptly got owned by a Chief Minister. Proving that thinking Ted Cruz is a moron is now a global pastime.

(Via Raw Story)