Ted Cruz Is Being Blasted For Arguing That The NBA’s Black History Month Tribute Celebrates The Wrong Politicians

With Donald Trump banned from Twitter permanently, it’s really starting to feel like Ted Cruz is filling the void of the must dunked on politician ever. Following a full week of getting roasted for bad takes on Gina Carano, Shakespeare, and… breast milk(?), Cruz decided to head into the weekend by criticizing the NBA for its Black History Month tributes. Apparently Cruz was not a fan of seeing Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, and Barack Obama being honored by the league, so in a very Trumpian move, he fired off his thoughts on Twitter:

Am watching the Rockets play tonight. For the second night in a row, here’s how NBA/TNT honors Black History Month: picturing three Dem politicians. Tim Scott doesn’t exist? (unlike Abrams, he’s been elected statewide) Condi Rice? Clarence Thomas? Colin Powell? Obvious bias.

Considering both Obama and Harris made history as the first Black president and vice-president, respectively, and Abrams’ massive organization of Black voters in Georgia led to two major victories in the 2020 presidential election and subsequent runoff in the Senate, which also garnered her the recognition of the Nobel Prize Committee, obviously, those three are worthy of being recognized during Black History Month. More importantly, as numerous people on Twitter continue to point out, Ted Cruz is the last person who should be dictating which Black people should be celebrated, and he’s being absolutely roasted for it.

Amazingly, Cruz set himself for this self-own just a few hours after being dragged by Twitter earlier in the day for taking a swing at Princess Leia in an odd defense of Gina Carano. It’s almost like Cruz wants to be shamed in front of millions of people, but we’re gonna stop pulling on that thread before it leads to some awkward places.

(Via Ted Cruz on Twitter)