Ted Cruz Was Relentlessly Booed And Had A Beer Thrown At Him At The Houston Astros Championship Parade (Which He Rode In, For Some Reason)

Ted Cruz is on a getting booed tour of the United States. He was booed while attending a New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros game in the Bronx. He was booed while visiting The View (where he also got called a “climate-denying piece of sh*t” by an activist). And — most hilariously — he was booed in Houston, Texas, during the championship parade for the Astros, who beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.

The Houston Chronicle reports that as the Texas senator “made his way through a sea of fans wearing orange and blue, loud boos ensued. In footage from the festivities, Cruz — who wore Astros colors — was shown waving at the crowd, smiling, and giving a thumbs up, despite several fans giving him thumbs down and booing at him in return.”

Based on the videos from the scene, it was more than “several” fans (who were also none too happy to see Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick). “Ted Cruz pulled off what I thought was impossible- getting booed at a championship parade,” tweeted one person who was on the scene, while another added, “Video of @tedcruz receiving robust, loud, and supremely well-deserved boos from the crowd.” He also had a beer chucked at him.

It must be nice for Astros fans to do the booing, not getting booed, for once.

(Via the Houston Chronicle)