Ted Cruz Is Now Moaning About About Joe Biden’s ‘Unimaginably Conventional’ Tweets And The President’s ‘Monotone’ Speech To The Nation Last Night

As a leading figure in the Republican party, Senator Ted Cruz was bound to take issue with President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress on Wednesday night.

The traditional speech lays out the administration’s plans for the next four years, signaling to both sides of the aisle what compromises might need to be made and what arguments might soon be had. Biden’s speech promised bold action by the government to address crises on multiple fronts, as well as big spending plans. All of which a conservative like Cruz would naturally be against. But it wasn’t what Biden said that bothered the Texas senator — it’s how he said it.

Cruz gave an interview to Fox News following the speech, complaining that speech was “boring, but radical” before harping on about Biden’s “calm” and “dulcet tones.” Cruz basically implied Biden’s address wasn’t memorable enough before calling attention to the “nearly empty” chamber — a protocol no doubt in place because of Covid-19 restrictions — before making a truly bizarre pivot to also whine about how Biden never tweets anything “notable” these days.

We guess that’s why Cruz felt he could literally doze off in the middle of Biden’s address? The Senator was caught on camera appearing to fight a bout of sleepiness as Biden addressed key issues of immigration and gun violence.

And he’s not the only Republican who’s big mad that Biden prefers to treat social media with a bit more restraint than his predecessor showed. While Cruz labeled Biden’s tweets as not “notable” enough, Republican Senator John Cornyn called them “unimaginably conventional.” In fact, according to tweets from Cornyn earlier this month, the president’s totally rational tweeting practices invite the question of who’s really in charge.

All of this is nonsense of course, but when you’re used to the unhinged rantings of a man chugging diet soda at 2 a.m., “normal” becomes dull, we guess. Unfortunately for Cruz, being the internet’s favorite punching bag means his bad manners during last night’s speech and his Fox News remarks afterward drew plenty of ire on social media. Here are some of the best takedowns:

It’s probably good for Biden to remember that he can’t please everyone, but if he’s going to try, Ted Cruz should be at the bottom of his priority list.