Ted Cruz Is Willing To Embarrass Himself In Front Of The Supreme Court For Donald Trump

The 2020 presidential election, it simply cannot be stated enough, is over. The lawyer in charge of fighting to undo the election Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden is hospitalized with coronavirus, the Trump campaign has lost dozens upon dozens of legal battles, and states are certifying their votes ahead of the official vote of the Electoral College in mid-December.

Despite all that reality happening as time inexorably moves forward, the Republican fantasy that Trump somehow won the election (and a second term) has continued unabated on conservative social media and television and in the mind of Trump himself. And some Republicans are extremely willing to keep that fantasy going, including Texas senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz — who once stood by and said nothing when Trump suggested his father, Rafael, was somehow involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy — proudly volunteered to embarrass himself in front of the Supreme Court with the help of Fox News.

Cruz said he would represent Trump in a potential hearing in front of the Supreme Court over a Pennsylvania court case about mail-in voting. The case was brought by two Republican politicians in Pennsylvania, and Cruz has publicly pushed for the Supreme Court to take the case. Now he says he will present oral arguments if it makes it before the high court.

The Supreme Court was largely framed by Republicans as important to Trump’s attempts to win the 2020 election. He stated multiple times at rallies before and since the November election that he needed courts to come through for him in order to prevail. And it’s entirely uncertain if the case will make it to the highest court in the land: the case is arguing that something that’s been done for years and is extremely safe and legal — voting by mail — should be ruled unconstitutional and therefore millions of legally-cast ballots should be thrown out. So far ,zero of the many similarly-frivolous lawsuits have been given merit, let alone gone to higher courts with a prayer of victory.

But it’s a nice gesture from Cruz, whose entire intent seems to be not to legislate for the benefit of his constitutes but to rile up the libs online. I’m sure this thing, which is very unlikely to happen anyway, will please Trump for at least a fleeting moment before he pulls down on his Twitter timeline to find something else to get mad at.

(Via Ted Cruz on Twitter & Fox News)