Ted Cruz Is Being Mercilessly Roasted For Posting A Video Featuring Russian Propaganda To Presumably Shame America’s ‘Woke, Emasculated Military’

Ted Cruz apparently did not learn from Tucker Carlson’s experience in angering military leaders by ridiculing female service members (and being told to f*ck off by Tammy Duckworth). This week, Tucker also declared that the U.S. military couldn’t possibly defend against UFOs because they’re too focused on equality, and Ted’s jumping on that military-bashing bandwagon while criticizing the same U.S. military recruitment ad (as Tucker) and branching out on his own self-owning skills.

“Holy crap,” Cruz wrote while retweeting a Russian military “ad” that sets up Putin’s guys against the ad pushed out under President Biden as commander-in-chief. “Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….”

Oh boy. It’s not a good look for a U.S. senator to tweet out Russian propaganda at all, let alone while bashing those that serve and project U.S. citizens. The Lincoln Project was quick to tweet out their own “holy crap” to that effect.

As one might imagine, people are piling onto Cruz for numerous things, including kissing Donald Trump’s butt while making campaign calls for him (after Trump insulted Heidi Cruz’s looks during the primary season). There’s also some pushback from military members, and this little gem: “Why are you tweeting out Russian propaganda videos, Comrade Senator Fidel Emasculated Cancun?” It’s a fair question.

This screencap never gets old, does it?