The Giant Spider for the Third Act Brought Some Friends

Entertainment Editor

Whicky-whicky scratch yo-yo bang-bang

Japan’s Chiba Institute of Technology started a new YouTube channel, and CrunchGear compiled a best of list, three videos of which are embedded below.  The first is the Hyperion 4, a four-legged robot being developed to carry a person or load through a rugged terrain.  It’s not as cool as the Mondo Spider, and I’ll inevitably get kvetched at for calling something 4-legged a spider, but screw you voice in my head; it looks like a giant spider to me.  A spider who lost four legs in a war.  How dare you tell a heroic veteran he’s not a real spider?  Shame on you, voice in my head.

The second video is a quick clip of a robot that mimics a butterfly, and the third is slo-mo footage of a horrifying robot that can quickly jump up 8″ tall steps.  I want to put it on a down escalator and have them battle for supremacy.  The winner fights the giant war veteran spider.  He’s the fiercest killer in the entire robot kingdom.

[Three more videos over at CrunchGear]

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