The Star Wars Trilogy. Told In 2 Minutes. Using Nothing But LEGOs.

05.06.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

Hey man, get that nerd boner off of me, this isn’t some middle school sleepover. Ha, I’m only joking, this is a middle school sleepover and besides, I can’t really blame you for your excitement, especially after watching something as impressive as the below video. YouTube user and part time pimp grey4484 created this amazingly badass two minute telling of the original Star Wars trilogy USING NOTHING BUT LEGOS.

From the YouTube channel currently hosting the clip:

Thanks everyone! I did all the sets and animation (Garrett Barati.) Eventually LEGO will probably let me post the official version on my channel, but in the meantime, enjoy! 3 months start to finish… all in my bedroom on a 3’x3′ table!! Thanks to LEGO for the great script, audio, and computer graphics! Otherwise, if it’s a brick, I did it! XD (Lego owns the short of course!) [source]

I’d like to take this moment to start a slow clap…*silence*…okay, I guess there’s really no one else in my bedroom right now, but still, it’s hard to neglect the fact that this rules. Dude has several more LEGO stop-motion videos over on his YouTube page that you should definitely check out. Just be sure to wait until your Warcraft character needs to take a sh-t.

Thanks to slashfilm for the tip.

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