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11.03.10 3 Comments

Did you guys remember to vote yesterday? My cat certainly did. Just look at her with that “I Voted” sticker in the picture to the right, positively beaming with civic pride. And a range of other emotions as well. Rage, for example.  I’m sure there are others.

I’ve just realized I’m posting a picture of my cat online.  It’s the beginning of the end for me I’m afraid.  I’ll be hoarding cats and printing out pictures of them on fusible webbing to iron onto sweatshirts then outline in puffy paint, before inevitably dying in a curio cabinet tipover accident and being consumed by aforementioned hoarded cats.  It’s been nice knowing you guys.  Here are some links:

Gifts for the design junkie in your life (the actual junkie would still like meth and/or cash). [Uproxx]

Looking For The Perfect Gadget Gift? [Uproxx]

Can You Trust Credit Cards This Time? [UproxxNews]

10 most illegally-downloaded films [Filmdrunk]

Channel 10 Newscast Needs Some Work [WarmingGlow]

Shaq is replacing the whale in my nightmares [WithLeather]

LOLNFL captioned photos [KissingSuzyKolber]

Interesting Facts about the Air Sex Championships [TSJ]

Teaser for Resident Evil: Damnation [G4TV]

Manny Pacquiao sings ‘Imagine’ with Will Ferrell on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ [BroBible]

A Tribute to Labyrinth’s Hoggle [Gunaxin]

Man Caves I’d Want To Possess (not a list of guys’ names, surprisingly) [EgoTV]

Conan’s ‘Show Zero’ Gives a Glimpse Into His Absurdist Future [TVSquad]

The Star Wars Trilogy Retold Through Paper [Unreality]

Commando: The Musical! [Buzzfeed]

VIDEO BELOW: Yo dawg, this driver likes to read. [via Arbroath]

[Banner pic via TDW]

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