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02.16.10 13 Comments

Jem Stansfield, host of BBC1’s “Bang Goes The Theory,” built two sucker pads (similar to a Gekkomat) out of two regular vacuums, then scaled a 30 ft wall at a school during the Brighton Science Festival Programme (pictures below) and then nearly succeeded in scaling a 100-foot-tall aluminum building (videos below).  He may also be a superhero:

He invented the world’s first air-powered motorbike, and won a New Scientist prize for boots that walk on water. More recently he succeeded in making a rocket run on toffee by filling a tube with the sweet and firing nitrous oxide down a hole in the middle of it. It was capable of powering a bicycle ridden by Mr Stansfield at a test base. For his next trick, he hopes to drive a car all the way from London to Manchester, powered only by coffee beans. [DailyMail]

I walk from the couch to the bathroom powered only by coffee beans all the time.  Big whoop.  Anyway, judging from the videos, this guy knows an awful lot about the suction force of vacuums.  I’m not judging.  More admiring than anything.

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