Tomi Lahren Is ‘Flattered’ (But Shouldn’t Be) That Her Colin Kaepernick Rant Has Made Its Way To A Trivia Game

Tomi “Tammy” Lahren has said a lot of nonsense over the years, like when she compared flight attendants to Nazis for enforcing mask mandates or the time she called cancel culture the “most deadly and un-American threat” to the United States. (Guns are fine, though.) But if you were to do a Tomi Lahren Nonsense Power Rankings, her comments on Colin Kaepernick would have to rank near the top.

In 2016, Lahren criticized the then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback in videos for The Blaze (which she would later sue) and The Daily Show for kneeling during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality. The far-right commenter would also later piss off the Beyhive by attacking “police-hating” Beyoncé for presenting an award to “America-hating” Kaepernick (never piss off the Beyhive), and post the Tom Brady of bad takes, tweeting, “Here’s a wild guess, if Tom Brady suddenly started sucking at football and was benched for a better starting QB, chances are he wouldn’t cry racism, wouldn’t kneel for the flag and anthem and pass it off as a social justice moment.”

But it’s her 2016 comments that got her a game card.

“I’m flattered,” Lahren tweeted, along with a photo of a Trivillennial (“The Trivia Game for Millennials”) card that reads, “In 2016, a video of conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren criticizing this person went viral.” The options: Kaepernick (who recently worked out for the Raiders), Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or LeBron James. As someone in her replies pointed out, “Well we know it wasn’t the white guy on the card.”

I wouldn’t be “flattered” if my “racist” rant made its way to a trivia game, but that’s just me.