Two Amorous Tortoises Stole The Show At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicked off Thursday, and designer Mathieu Mirano went all out with a desert-inspired presentation complete with a sand-covered runway and real, live African tortoises left to just roam around on their own accord. Of course, working with live animals always lends itself to a high degree of unpredictability, which was the case when one large, 200-pound male tortoise began pursuing a smaller female, and next thing you know, it was all tortoise bom chicka wah wah right in the middle of Fashion Week.

An onlooker told us, “A large male began pursuing a smaller female tortoise around the models, who stood still posing in the sand. One model could barely hide her giggles as the determined male followed the female past her feet, and he then proceeded to climb aboard.”

We all know there are two things tortoises are good at, and without any giant strawberries or heads of lettuce sitting around, they should have really seen this coming. Just thank god no one tried to interrupt them, because as we’ve seen in the past, that never ends well.

Here are some more sexy shots from the event floating around on Instagram:

(Via Page Six)