Trevor Noah Didn’t Hide His Laughter While Reflecting Upon How Far Rudy Giuliani Has Fallen After Being Dubbed ‘America’s Mayor’ On 9/11

The Daily Show returned on Monday night, and right out of the gate, host Trevor Noah went to town on Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre speech at a 9/11 memorial event where the disgraced Trump attorney launched into a gooffy aside about Prince Andrew. Noah personally found the speech captivating because it showed how much things have changed since the 9/11 attacks.

“Twenty years ago, Rudy Giuliani was ‘America’s Mayor’ projecting calm and sobriety when the country needed it most,” Noah said while setting up a clip of the speech. “But at Saturday’s commemoration, Giuliani was… not that.”

After playing Giuliani’s speech where the former mayor did a terrible British accent while impersonating the Queen, Noah couldn’t over the fact that Giuliani swore up and down that never met Prince Andrew, and then a second later, reveals that they partied in his office:

Only Rudy can spend the 9/11 anniversary talking about the time he hung out with Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged pedophile friend. You know your speech went off the rails when people watching it are like, “I wish this guy would talk more about 9/11. What is he doing?”

I mean, my favorite part of this whole thing is how Rudy Giuliani can’t even get his story straight while he’s telling it. “I never once meet Prince Andrew. Never! I mean, yeah, one time we hung out in my office, and we had that party that time. Bernie remembers that, don’t you? Don’t you, Bernie?”

Noah ended the segment by joking, “I mean, I don’t know who Bernie is, but I bet he and his wife had a very long car ride home.” But here’s the thing: Bernie is former NYPD police commissioner Bernie Kerik who was forced to resign after a series of scandals, one of which involved having an affair in an apartment that was reserved for clean-up workers in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

So, somehow, Giuliani’s speech manages to get even worse as more details emerge. But don’t say he was drunk! “America’s Mayor” has been very adamant in follow-up interviews that he only had one Scotch before taking the stage. Just like the time he said never met Prince Andrew, you can trust him.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)