Tron Lightcycles Are Now Real, And on eBay

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One thing that was always awesome about “Tron” were the vehicles. Who didn’t want one of those flying Space Invader thingies? Or the tank (well, who doesn’t want a tank in general)? Or, for that matter, a lightcycle?

Well, if you’ve got $35,000 to spare and hit eBay in time, you can now own a lightcycle of your very own. It won’t lay down walls to obliterate your opponents, and it’s from the upcoming sequel instead of the original movie, but it’s accurate in every other respect, and even better, it’s street legal. It’s from the same guys who made the full size Batpod, and it is glorious.

Here’s our only question: if it won’t lay down the walls, will it at least make the lightcycle exploding sound effect when you crash? That’d be hilarious. Well, except for the guy crashing. But he’s too rich for us to care about his feelings.

[ via Gizmodo ]

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