A Trump Critic Says He Could Still Win The Republican Primary From Prison Or Even From Beyond The Grave

Donald Trump may be frontrunner for the Republican presidential ticket in 2024, but he’s also up to his ears in legal trouble. Last month he became the first POTUS in American history to be indicted on criminal charges. A few weeks back he was found guilty of defamation and sexual misconduct. He has even more woes en route. Superfan Sean Hannity has assured MAGA types that he could still run for president from the slammer. Now one of his critics is taking that idea even further.

As per Mediaite, noted conservative Trump critic and Lincoln Project honcho Rick Wilson went on SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show, where he and his host talked about what on earth it could take for Republican voters to finally ditch the guy who inspired a failed insurrection. Wilson was not optimistic, especially considering his accident-prone main challenger is trailing behind him in the polls.

“I have to plan for the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is that Donald Trump will be the nominee in the Republican Party once again,” Wilsons aid. “There is very there are very few paths to get a Ron DeSantis or any other of these jokers in the in the field over the finish line in the primary.”

He was frank about what it could take to stop him. “I mean, Trump has to be dead or in jail,” he said, adding, “And even in those cases, he still might win the primaries.”

Wilson wasn’t entirely doom and gloom. He said the DeSantis-Trump beef “presents a great Lincoln Project opportunity messaging moment.” He argued that “if I can keep them fighting as long as humanly possible, if I can make it as bloody and painful and loud and noisy as possible, there is a way to split off more of those voters than we were split than we got off in 2020.”

Then again, if DeSantis clinches the ticket, that wouldn’t be great either, since he, as Wilson puts it, is an “insane authoritarian.” Anyway, buckle up for yet another migraine of an election season.

(Via Mediaite)