Donald Trump Wants To Build ‘Freedom Cities’ Powered By Sex And Flying Cars (Yes, This Is Real)

“Madmen builds flying cities” is usually the stuff of comic book villains. Heck, it’s literally the plot of the hit video game Bioshock: Infinite, so it completely tracks that Donald Trump wants in on the megalomaniacal action. According to a new report, the former president is attempting to rebrand himself as some sort of futuristic tech mogul and is tasking his disciples with drawing up plans for “Freedom Cities” to be built on federal land.

Oh, and by the way, those plans must include flying cars and detailed instructions for unparalleled levels of baby making.

Of course, the big question is can Trump’s rabid followers pivot from storming the Capitol to harnessing the power of flight in an ambitious feat of civil engineering built on unfettered reproduction? We’re about to find out.

Via Politico:

Trump’s plan, shared in advance with POLITICO, calls for holding a contest to design and create up to ten new “Freedom Cities,” built from the ground up on federal land. It proposes an investment in the development of vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles; the creation of “hives of industry” sparked by cutting off imports from China; and a population surge sparked by “baby bonuses” to encourage would-be-parents to get on with procreation.

In a video to be released by Trump on Friday, the former president touts his commitment to prompting a “quantum leap in the American standard of living,” which apparently requires a levitating sex town as our forefathers no doubt imagined.

“Our country has lost its boldness,” Trump said. “Under my leadership, we will get it back in a very big way. If you look at just three years ago, what we were doing was unthinkable, how good it was, how great it was for our country.”

(Via Politico)