Trump Couldn’t Even Pull Himself Together Enough To Spell ‘Indicted’ Correctly While Bellyaching About His RICO Charges

Ex-President Trump cannot stop collecting indictments and could very well be witness tampering over on Truth Social, so he has obviously learned no lesson by now. At this point, it’s almost difficult to keep track of all the charges, but the fourth indictment (out of Georgia on Monday) would be enough, if he is found guilty, to put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Things also do not bode well for Trump’s fellow indictees, which include his so-called “Elite Force Strike Team” of attorneys who helped him attempt to overturn the election. That includes unwitting fart sniffer Jenna Ellis and “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani. More irony can be found in the biggest whopper of this indictment, which is that these are RICO-themed charges, meaning that Rudy could be put away by the very type of anti-racketeering statute that he once used to nail mafiosos as a U.S. attorney in the mid 1980s.

How is Trump responding to all of this? About as gracefully as to be expected. Well after midnight on Truth Social, Trump went to town. Let’s get real here — the substance of this “truth” does not matter much, but what is notable is that he couldn’t even muster up enough strength to hit the CAPS LOCK. That might be more telling than how “indicted” somehow became “Indicated”:

“So, the Witch Hunt continues! 19 people Indicated tonight, including the former President of the United States, me, by an out of control and very corrupt District Attorney who campaigned and raised money on, ‘I will get Trump.’ And what about those Indictment Documents put out today, long before the Grand Jury even voted, and then quickly withdrawn? Sounds Rigged to me! Why didn’t they Indict 2.5 years ago? Because they wanted to do it right in the middle of my political campaign. Witch Hunt!”

Well, at least Hillary got to crack a smile over all this in a display of good TV timing.

UPDATE: Trump is still going. Here’s a screencap of his Truth Social ranting this morning. He did muster up some CAPS, but not as much as usual.

Trump Truth Social
Via Trump Truth Social