The Already Damning Trump Indictment Is Only A ‘Fraction’ Of What The Government Has On Him

After the federal indictment against Donald Trump was unsealed, legal experts from across the political spectrum referred to the government’s case as “damning” and “overwhelming” thanks to a detailed list of evidence that showed top secret documents being stored in a Mar-a-Lago bathroom as well as audio transcripts of Trump openly showing classified intel to individuals without a security clearance.

According to The New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, the unsealed indictment is just the tip of the iceberg. While sharing her latest article on Twitter, Haberman revealed that the special counsel is reportedly sitting on a substantial amount of notes from Trump’s former attorney M. Evan Corcoran.

“The indictment, according to multiple people familiar with the case, shows a fraction of the evidence the government has amassed,” Haberman tweeted.

Thanks to special counsel Jack Smith obtaining a crime-fraud exception, Corcoran’s notes have been crucial to indicting Trump, according to Haberman’s article in the Times:

Mr. Corcoran’s notes, first recorded into an iPhone and then transcribed on paper, essentially gave prosecutors a road map to building their case. Mr. Trump, according to the indictment, pressured Mr. Corcoran to thwart investigators from reclaiming reams of classified material and even suggested to him that it might be better to lie to investigators and withhold the documents altogether.

Haberman writes that the notes from Corcoran “were far more extensive, and far more damaging, than previously known,” which is again, pretty amazing considering the indictment against Trump was already filled with enough legal bombshells to make the ladies on The View weak in the knees. They went through some things, let’s just say that.

(Via The New York Times)