Tucker Carlson Aired A Montage Of Trump Shaking His Butt To ‘YMCA,’ And His Lead-In Was Really Something

Tucker Carlson’s unusual behavior over the past week or so has taken another turn. Most recently, the Fox News host appeared to gain some humanity while deciding that it’s time to leave Hunter Biden alone. This change-of-heart went down after an extensive misadventure over a missing (and alleged) “smoking gun” package that Tucker seemed to believe would have been an October surprise big enough to definitively win the election for Trump. Well, the wind might have been taken out of Tucker’s sails, but he’s now got reason — I guess? — to celebrate: a montage of Trump busting out his butt-shaking and other random dance moves to the Village People’s “YMCA.”

You may have scrubbed that recent memory from your brain already, but Tucker’s here to help you relive the, uh, magic. Clearly, the MAGA-loving host is feeling good about airing this 90 seconds of footage, and he introduces the montage as “perhaps the most important video we’ve seen in quite some time.”

Who really knows if Tucker was entirely serious (or partially sarcastic) with his description but he sure thought it was a great idea to swallow up some airtime with Trump’s jerky movements that have been (unfavorably) compared to Seinfeld‘s Elaine dance. The timing, of course, must be meant to send Fox News viewers into a patriotic tizzy for Election Day. Yet one cannot forget that Trump’s joy-filled moves continue to happen as the U.S. passes 231,000 official COVID deaths and counting.

On Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted the montage out as well, and as it turns out, it’s an official campaign thing. Yikes.

Previously, the Village People asked Trump to please stop using their music for his campaign events, and the irony of Trump choosing gay anthems to play at his rallies was not lost upon the general public or CNN’s Anderson Cooper in October. His incredulous live reaction to hearing that Trump was also playing “Macho Man” was priceless. As Nikki NuVogue wrote on Twitter, “Anderson Cooper is every gay man in America right now when he hears Macho Man playing at a Trump Rally. The irony of a gay anthem playing at a Trump Rally is lost on the crowd.” And the irony is lost on Tucker Carlson.