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02.16.10 6 Comments

When Iowa City wasn’t busy arresting Ronald McDonald for pot possession, they also hosted a flash mob.  Students from City High (I bet Ronald giggled at that building) flooded a HyVee grocery store to perform a dance routine set to “Dragostea din tei” (AKA Numa Numa).  At one point in the video, somebody asks, “What is this?” and someone who sounds like my mom replies, “It’s called a ‘flash mob’.”  Okay, I didn’t see her make air quotes, but you know it happened.  You know what that means; flash mobs are officially over.  I’m calling it.  [Thanks to fellow Iowan and suave Klingon radio host Dormammu for sending this in.]

The second video below [via ToplessRobot] is a Jedi flash mob they’re describing as “what happens when British nerds don’t have Doctor Who to watch.”  By jove I think he’s got it.  More than 100 Jedi with lightsabers flooded the Cabot Circus (the shopping center kind of circus, not the cool tigers and Carny molestation kind of circus) in Bristol, England to engage in battle.  /Film is calling it the biggest lightsaber fight ever.  I don’t know.  It got pretty heated that time I ran into a convention and yelled, “Jar Jar is superior to Chewbacca, and Hayden Christensen is the most underrated actor of our generation — no — of all time!”

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