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03.13.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

I didn’t watch very much basketball this week. I was in full disgruntled mode after Syracuse took the L (again) versus Louisville last weekend and the Orange turned around to lose against arch rival Georgetown in the Big East tournament. After those two losses, I didn’t care if the word “basketball” was eliminated from the English language. I’m not even worried about my bracket. I’m pissed my favorite squad’s momentum is headed in the wrong direction @ the most inopportune time of year and their starting center is looking hobbled.

So when my spirits needed lifting to get ready for March Madness, behold I found two highlight clips from this week that reminded me that there’s still great, exciting basketball being played, even if it’s not by my team.

Exhibit A: The Nuggets’ JR Smith and the 360° alley-oop on the break.

Exhibit B: Cal State Fullerton’s Gerard Anderson practically leaping over a defender while on his way to the rack.

Red’s Army via Yardbarker

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