Want To Grab Some Virtual Boob?

12.17.10 8 years ago

Well, you can, thanks to hacking your Kinect.
A company called ThriXXX, which apparently specializes in making badly animated women and men and then having them perform sex animations with equally poor collision detection, has used the Kinect and a combination of software to make what’s got to be the most pathetic thing ever.
We feel the need to point out that there’s no tactile interface here. You don’t actually feel anything except air. You’re just holding your hand up in space and moving it in a rubbing motion to grab virtual boobies.
Realistically, this is probably a short stop on your way towards being arrested in the back of a theater in a trenchcoat. But at least you can spend thousands to be incredibly pathetic! Video of the sadness on the next slide, at least until YouTube yanks it.

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