Whoopi Goldberg Didn’t Indulge Meghan McCain’s Attempt To Twist Jan. 6 Discussions Against The Left

Even with only a few days left before Meghan McCain leaves The View, her co-host Whoopi Goldberg was not letting the conservative commentator get away with attempting to put part of the blame for the January 6 attack on The Left. While discussing the emotional testimony of Capitol Police officers during Tuesday’s select committee, Whoopi asked McCain “Why isn’t this a galvanizing moment for everyone?” considering the police were protecting both Democrats and Republicans during the insurrection. “Is it really about just winning? Or have we lost something?”

For her part, McCain did agree that January 6 was one of America’s “darkest days ever,” and she is frustrated how the investigation into the attack has been politicized. However, that didn’t stop her from launching into an entirely partisan response to Whoopi’s question by criticizing the Left for wanting to “Defund the Police.”

Via The Daily Beast:

“‘Blue Lives Matter’ is something many Republicans say and something I certainly have said and believe,” McCain explained. “Alternatively, I don’t like people on the left politicizing these particular law enforcement officers, because I can remember just a few mere months ago being told that all law enforcement were irredeemable and needed different kind of training and should be defunded and there aren’t just a few bad apples, it’s an entirely irredeemable group of people working in law enforcement.”

After the other co-hosts had their chance to voice their thoughts, Whoopi ended the segment by pushing back on McCain’s remarks and making it abundantly clear that Donald Trump and Republicans are to blame for the January 6 assault on the Capitol building.

“I have to point my finger to the other side, and this isn’t about politicizing. This is not about defunding anybody. This has nothing to do with anything but really crappy behavior by really inspired people by the guy that used to live in the White House,” Whoopi said. “That’s what this is about. This is not about anything but crappy behavior—I’m going to say it again—on the other side of the aisle.”

(Via The Daily Beast)