Why Yes, There Is A Marshawn Lynch Corn Maze

08.07.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

Of all the NFL players that could be honored with a corn maze in their likeness, Marshawn Lynch would be one of the more unlikely. That’s more something you’d expect to see dedicated to bucolic-friendly white guys like Brett Favre or, of course, Tim Tebow. Jared Allen could easily have one, but his would have to be filled with Burmese tiger pits and snipers.

Nevertheless, there is CORN MOE. I, for one, am heartened by its existence, as the country has long had a dire need for a corn maze to ghost ride the whip through.

“Every year, it’s a big decision, but we really enjoyed his Beast Mode and the fans were so behind that,” says Camille Hemenway, of Rutledge, WA.

The image was laid-out by GPS and not cut into a planted field.

The maze opens to the public on Aug. 10 and runs through the rest of the month. We hear that Marshawn got to take it through a test run, the fallout of which we present after the jump.

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