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Is 2K Dropping Hints About The Next ‘BioShock’?

By | 6 Comments

2K is talking up a new game that sure sounds a lot like a 'BioShock' sequel.

suicide squad

Behold The Batmobile Chasing The Joker On The ‘Suicide Squad’ Set

By | 17 Comments

The Batmobile is on the prowl in Toronto, as this set video from 'Suicide Squad' proves.

legends of tomorrow

Caity Lotz Talks DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ And White Canary

By | 18 Comments

Caity Lotz talks just a bit about DC's upcoming 'Legends of Tomorrow.'

#DC Comics

There’s Arthurian Knights, Cowboys And More In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Convergence: World’s Finest!’


Knights, cowboys and more strike in our preview of 'Convergence: World's Finest!'


Why ‘Tomorrowland’ Is The Creepiest Movie Of The Year

By | 23 Comments

Walt Disney's dream of a future city involved citizens squarely under his thumb. And now Disney wants to tell us how great that idea was.

#Video Games

The Video Game RPG Tropes That Need To Be Slain For Good

By | 16 Comments

Why am I playing a video game where I'm a wizard that can summon fire... but I have to realistically limit how much stuff I can carry?

#Video Games

Video Games Are Rotting Your Brain, According To Poorly Run Scientific Study

By | 6 Comments

"Video games are rotting your brain! Possibly! We didn't check! But we're kinda sure!" - Alleged Scientists

Sci Fi

‘Neuromancer’ Will Supposedly Be Adapted By The Chinese, Now

By | 6 Comments

'Neuromancer,' a movie that's spent thirty years in development hell, is now being made by the Chinese. Well, in theory, anyway.

#Video Games

Rockstar Games Is Suing To Stop The BBC Movie About ‘Grand Theft Auto’

By | 7 Comments

Rockstar is not happy the BBC is doing a biopic about the company without asking their permission.

#Video Games

‘Bloodborne’ Is Getting An Expansion

By | 12 Comments

'Bloodborne' is a dense, long, complicated game. So of course, it's getting DLC!

#Star Wars

Why ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Shouldn’t Work, According To Modern Hollywood

By | 39 Comments

'The Empire Strikes Back' defies both film executives and screenwriting manuals. And, arguably, it's a better film for it.


The Live-Action ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer Wants You To Beat Up Criminals

By | 5 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Knight' gets a new live-action trailer, and it's full of hidden bats.

Ant Man

LEGO Allegedly Reveals A Huge ‘Ant-Man’ Spoiler

By | 24 Comments

LEGO may have just dropped a major spoiler to the ending of 'Ant-Man.'


This Week’s Comics Of Note, Ranked, For May 20

By | 6 Comments

Mad Max arrives on the page... but is his book the top comic of the week?

#video games

The UPROXX GammaStream Rides With ‘The Witcher III’

By | 9 Comments

We ride with 'The Witcher III' for this Wednesday's GammaStream!


Nintendo Appoints Bowser As Vice President Of Sales

By | 4 Comments

Bowser finally gets the recognition he deserves.

The Flash

All The Easter Eggs From ‘The Flash’ Finale

By | 71 Comments

'The Flash' had a lot of Easter Eggs last night. Let's see what the writing team left for us!

#Star Wars

Watch Kendo Swordsmen Spar With Toy Lightsabers

By | 2 Comments

This is as close as we'll likely ever get to watching a lightsaber fight.

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