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Yes, Facebook Now Supports GIFs: Here’s How To Make ‘Em Work, And GIFs To Use

By | 14 Comments

You can now post GIFs on your Wall. May we recommend "Oh what a day! Oh what a lovely day!" as your first?

#Video Games

GammaSquad Review: ‘The Witcher III’ Is A Good Time In Desperate Need Of Polish

By | 12 Comments

'The Witcher III' is fun to play... when the game will actually let you play it.


We’ve Found A New Human Ancestor, And It’s Changing How We View Human Evolution

By | 20 Comments

A new fossil has proven a popular anthropological theory... and changed how we view our distant past.


MIT’s Robot Cheetah Can Now Dodge Obstacles When It Runs You Down

By | 10 Comments

MIT has just upgraded its robot cheetah to dodge obstacles, making catching you and mauling you that much easier.


Could California Really Be Destroyed By A Series Of Earthquakes?

By | 7 Comments

Hollywood, and Bill Hicks, loves the idea of California falling into the ocean. But while that's not likely to happen, The Big One is coming.


‘Daredevil’s Second Season Is Already Leaking New Character Details

By | 35 Comments

Audition tapes for the second season of 'Daredevil' are already hitting the Internet... and they reveal at least one new character.

#Video Games

Luigi Beats His ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Foes By… Just Standing There.


Nintendo may want to take another look at the AI in 'Super Smash Bros. Wii U.'

#Nightmare Fuel

The Zombie Wasp Is So, So Much Worse Than You Think

By | 27 Comments

Oh, you thought something with the nickname 'zombie wasp' was going to create zombies? Nope. It's worse. It's a lot worse.


Channing Tatum Allegedly Can’t Find A Director For ‘Gambit’

By | 7 Comments

Channing Tatum wants an Oscar-nominated director for 'Gambit,' if rumors are to be believed. Yeah, he's having trouble with that.

#Video Games

The UPROXX GammaStream Crashes Limos With ‘Roundabout’


Ready to wreck a limo? We'll do just that when we stream 'Roundabout.'


This Week’s Comics Of Note, Ranked, For May 27

By | 13 Comments

What takes #1 in our comics rankings this week?

#Star Trek

A Star Trek Fan Turned His Company’s Headquarters Into The Enterprise


You might be a big Star Trek fan, but you're probably not as big a fan as the owner of Netdragon.


Are Artificial Flavors Actually Bad For You? We Explain.

By | 14 Comments

Artificial flavors may not be bad for you... but you can't beat the real thing.


Creationists Game Google’s Search Results To Claim Dinosaurs ‘Indoctrinate’ Children

By | 9 Comments

Creationists temporarily gamed Google's search results to lie about dinosaurs. You leave the raptors out of this, creationists!


Is 2K Dropping Hints About The Next ‘BioShock’?

By | 9 Comments

2K is talking up a new game that sure sounds a lot like a 'BioShock' sequel.

#Suicide Squad

Behold The Batmobile Chasing The Joker On The ‘Suicide Squad’ Set

By | 19 Comments

The Batmobile is on the prowl in Toronto, as this set video from 'Suicide Squad' proves.

legends of tomorrow

Caity Lotz Talks DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ And White Canary

By | 18 Comments

Caity Lotz talks just a bit about DC's upcoming 'Legends of Tomorrow.'

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