The 25 Fastest Players In The NBA

By: 08.01.13

There is not much to say here. Ty Lawson is explosive and fast. He plays with a high-motor every second he is on the court. At times, he makes defenders look silly for trying to keep up with him. Not many have a first step like Lawson’s and if he develops more versatility in his game, he will be one of the better point guards in the NBA.

Darren Collison will probably never be on the level of the NBA’s other elite point guards, but in terms of speed, he is one of a kind. Speed is in Collison’s blood. His parents were elite track and field athletes when they were younger.

Russell Westbrook is an athletic freak of nature, something you must see in person to believe. His explosive jumps and quick first step have earned him multiple All-NBA Second Team honors. Westbrook is a highlight waiting to happen, and even though he’s coming of a meniscal injury, the OKC guard should be ready to be the explosive player he was before.

When healthy, Derrick Rose is the second-fastest player in the league. It may take awhile for him to get back to his normal speed because, as we all know, he is coming off ACL surgery. Derrick Rose is not limited to one type of speed, he changes gears within the blink of eye. He slashes to the rim and runs out on the break with ease. In the larger picture, it is a “put up or shut up” year for Derrick Rose. Many fans thought he should have been playing last season, but he claimed he was not mentally ready. All eyes are on Derrick Rose this season, and I think he will deliver.

Another obvious choice for me. I have not seen a player in today’s game who is on Wall’s level in regards to speed. It is John Wall’s biggest strength. Speed is the reason John Wall scores at the rim the way he does. Hopefully Washington can add more pieces around him, so the fans can see if he can take his game to the next level.

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