Fat Joe Gets A Full Jay Z Verse For The ‘All The Way Up (Remix)’

05.24.16 2 years ago 17 Comments

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It’s been almost two years since Jay Z has graced a record with his presence and an entire verse — no, Drake’s “Pop Style” and Rick Ross’ “Movin’ Bass” don’t count — but when something as polarizing as Fat Joe’s “All the Way Up” comes out of New York City it’s major enough to get Hov out of his slumber.

Hov running with Joe Crack is monumental in that these were very old school, hard-nosed guys who had beef in the past, stemming from an alleged incident — or incidents, plural — that involved Terror Squad and Roc-A-Fella getting into a brawl involving bottles cracking heads. Even though that was squashed eventually, it’s doubtful anyone ever imagined these two New York giants would appear on a record together. But, here we are in 2016.

Jay’s return is some proof to the rumors that he may be working on, or, already has an album finished. Whether it’s really a response to Beyonce’s Lemonade is, well, who knows. But now with “All The Way Up” we do have concrete evidence that he’s been in the studio recently alongside rumors of that joint album with Beyonce and his big smash with DJ Khaled and Future. Expect to hear a lot from Jay this summer or at least more than what we’ve heard in the past two years.

As for Joe, this is just proof of how major “All the Way Up” has been for him and how well his resurgence is going. Putting all past beef aside and snagging a feature as massive as Jay Z should push the track even higher up Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, where it’s peaked at 51 this week, and garner Joe, Remy Ma and French Montana some Top 40 spins.

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