Q-Tip Speaks On How Hip Hop Has Changed(The Renaissance On Sale 11/4)

10.27.08 9 years ago

Q-Tip’s Site
Interview/Video by Nigel D.

I got a chance to talk to Q-Tip about his new album, “The Renaissance,” and Hip Hop. I asked Q-Tip what is a major change in Hip Hop today from when he first started. His response was, “It used to be what people were more concerned with how an album sounded, and now people are more concerned with how an album sells.” In response to the question of what is different in some of today’s artist, Q-Tip replied, “I wish there was more love for what they do rather then for love of what they get.”

Opinions on Q-Tip’s comments? I think rappers start mentioning album sales in interviews and songs which caused fans to start paying more attention to Billboard results.

Q-Tip has released two videos for his upcoming album, “Gettin Up,” & “Move.” Check for Real Talk with Q-Tip coming soon.

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