Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Gets A Brutally Honest Trailer

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10.18.16 16 Comments

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“Get ready for the nonsensical non-sequel that divided a nation and proved girls can make probably-unnecessary-middle-of-the-road-studio-mandated-franchise-bate just as good as the boys — Ghostbusters (2016)!” That’s the gauntlet laid by Screen Junkies in their newest honest trailer, and this is also the first time we’ve seen them disable the comments on a video, although we can understand why.

They retitle the film Ghostbusters: Now Let’s Never Speak Of This Again, and it’s a fair request. The film was a lightning rod for internet rage from the first trailer onward, which isn’t helped by the movie being average (Full disclosure: I laughed at enough of it) but far too expensive for a comedy (possibly losing up to $70 million).

Yeah, there’s plenty to complain about: three jokes about soup, four dance numbers in the extended edition, and a villain so forgettable they traded him for Chris Hemsworth two-thirds of the way through. Can we at least agree the level of rage — including the harassment directed specifically at a woman of color — was insanely disproportionate? It’s not like they killed your dad or something.

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