‘Batman V Superman’ Gets Taken To The Woodshed By An Honest Trailer

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice gets the honest trailers send-up by Screen Junkies, who brilliantly sum up the film’s production and mixed reception with the alternate title, Fans V Batman V Superman V Critics V Other Fans V Executives V Zack Snyder V Expectations: Can’t Do Them All Justice.

They’ve done an honest teaser for the film in the past, but now they have so much more material to work with. They call it “a cool new Batman movie trapped inside a boring, convoluted Superman sequel trapped inside whatever cartoon Lex Luthor is from,” at which point they offer a brief supercut of Jesse Eisenberg making nebbish “ah” and “um” noises. This honest trailer clocks in at over seven minutes, but it would have been even longer if they hadn’t summarized Lex Luthor’s bonkers “plan” with a quick text crawl at the four minute mark. (#16 Pee in a Jar.) Seriously, what did Lex Luthor even think was going to happen? Eisenberg tried to explain it in a recent interview, but we’re still confused.

Nonetheless, this absurdly long film full of Batman straight up murdering people still turned just enough of a profit to ensure they’ll keep prepping sequels, so we have that to look forward to. Hopefully the sequels won’t be two-plus hours of talking about being superheroes before a fight lasting only eight minutes because their moms have the same name. Martha Martha Martha.

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Via Screen Junkies