3-30-07: Today’s News

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Camron- Suga Dooga

Listen to an interview with the mother of Tony Yayo’s alleged 14-year-old victim. Link

Diddy claims to have had a 30 hour  sex session, take that, take that. Link

Beyonce US tour dates. Link

Rihanna ignores Jay-Z rumors. Link

Chris Brown will be a basketball player in his next movie. Link

Redman Hopes To ‘Tweak’ Hip-Hop With Timbaland, Snoop. Link

Joss Stone
going at Christian Milian? Link

Amy Winehouse has admitted she used to harm herself. Link

New iTunes Feature: Complete My Album. Link

Behind the Scenes of the new VH1 show: Charm School

VH1.com Blog   The Game @ Baby Shower With Baby Mother

Halle Halle Halle….

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