Beyonce, Chris Rock, Alicia Keys And More Describe How Deadly It Is To Be Black In America

07.13.16 1 year ago 7 Comments

Well, this was tough to watch. teamed with Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and a litany of stars to discuss the 23 ways you can be killed simply by being black. You can die by doing such off-the-wall things like…smiling. Or you can catch a bullet by something crazy like sitting in a car on the way to your bachelor party. Of course, there’s always the cardinal sin any black person can commit by daring to keep their wallet in their back pocket.

While we could talk about how America isn’t exactly the most racially harmonious place in the world at the moment, the awesome thing is that these are the people who are coming out and saying it. We’re long removed from the days where celebrities didn’t feel the need to speak on social issues and the cycle has come back around to them feeling like they’re wrong if they don’t.

It’s not just black celebrities either, as noted CNN contributor Van Jones, Bono, and Adam Devine make appearances as well. However, it’s a lot easier for the three of them to be political than it is for the others in this video. Kevin Hart is one of the biggest movie stars in the country right now and for him to be willing to risk that status to take a stand says a lot about his character and even more about the problems we’re currently facing.

This isn’t a conversation that will stop, nor should it. If you want to contribute to it, go to and make your voice heard.

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