Drake Won’t Respond To Joe Budden And It’s All Jay Z’s Fault

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07.06.16 20 Comments

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Call it prophecy, or call it a simple recollection of past events but in 2010, Jay Z gave Drake this gem — stuffed into the best guest verse he’s ever given his sometimes friend, sometimes foe for “Light It Up.”

“Drake, here’s how they gon’ come at you
With silly rap feuds, trying to distract you”

Whatever the case, Hov was regular season, Steph Curry accurate in his assessment of what the future held for the Canadian rap prince. So now, after six years and plenty of barbs, jabs, and baiting, Drake is right back where Jay said he’d be. Joe Budden is the 6 God’s latest detractor, and while a formidable and maybe unbeatable foe on the mic, he’s probably going to get the treatment Drake promised his opponents long ago.

“Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply to it”

Budden’s gripes are real, and, in his latest diss “Wake,” his statements are mostly factual. Drake is a biter and he does seem to avoid Pusha T — though Push has apologized for his Drake jabs himself, time and time again — it’s all there and Budden is right.

But Drake has been running Billboard’s singles and albums charts since Jon Snow was still dead. He’s breaking Eminem records and reaching heights only Michael Jackson has seen. By most metrics, he’s the most popular artist in the world right now.

Joe Budden? Well, he’s admittedly a podcaster, and not really much more these days. When Mouse goes in, he’s as talented an MC as there is, but on the relevance scale, he and Aubrey couldn’t be further apart.

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