Larry David’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Was Delightfully Very Larry David

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Larry David was the subject of a 60 Minutes profile that aired last night. It was wonderful.

Bob Simon

Here’s A Preview Of ’60 Minutes’ Correspondent Bob Simon’s Last Report


Even though it's just a preview, Simon's final report provides a master class in television journalism.


RIP CBS News Correspondent Bob Simon, 1941-2015

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CBS news' Bob Simon has passed away at the age of 73 following a sudden car accident.

60 minutes

Alleged Sext By Steve Kroft To His Mistress: ‘Just Ordered Out. Would Rather Be Eating Your Pudding.’

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“Miss you and all that goes with it. Especially my favorite tastes and colors … pink and brown.”


Watch A Drone Capture Chernobyl’s Haunting Legacy Nearly Thirty Years After The Nuclear Disaster

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'Postcards From Pripyat, Chernobyl' is Danny Cooke's haunting look at the abandoned disaster site with the help of a camera drone.

60 minutes

This ’60 Minutes’ Report On A Liberian Hospital Treating Ebola Patients Is Fascinating And Heartbreaking

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The report is both interesting and gut-wrenching, for a host of reasons. Prepare for the room you're in to get a bit dusty near the end.

60 minutes

Meet The Selfless, Heroic Nurses Who Cared For Thomas Eric Duncan, The Dallas-Area Ebola Patient

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Would you volunteer to care for someone stricken with Ebola? These nurses did.


Real Life Bond Villain Kim Dotcom Was Profiled By ’60 Minutes’ And Vice Over The Weekend

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom just exudes Bond villain in just about every way a person can. All he's missing is a hairless cat, really.

the NSA

A Former NSA Colleague On Edward Snowden: A ‘Genius’ Who Kept A Copy Of The Constitution On His Desk

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Sunday night on 60 Minutes, the NSA tried to trash Edward Snowden. A former colleague now offers a different view of him.


CBS Basically Allowed ’60 Minutes’ To Act As The NSA’s Propaganda Department Last Night

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If you tuned in to 60 Minutes last night, you're forgiven for confusing what traditionally has been television's most vital newsmagazine program for something that looked an awful lot like state-run television propaganda.


So It Begins: Amazon Plans To Deliver Items In 30 Minutes Or Less With Drones

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Amazon has unveiled Prime Air, their plan to eventually deliver some packages within 30 minutes via Amazon drones.

paid vacations

Lara Logan Is Taking A Leave Of Absence In The Aftermath Of Her Botched Benghazi Report

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No word on whether Lara Logan's heaving breasts will also be forced to take leave. We'll keep you posted as things develop.


The ‘Daily Show’ Brought Out The Knives For ’60 Minutes’ And Its Bullsh*t Benghazi Report

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The Daily Show kicked off the week by blasting 60 Minutes for the bullsh*t Benghazi report it aired recently.


Lara Logan Would Like To Apologize For That Bullsh*t Report On Benghazi ’60 Minutes’ Aired

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60 Minutes recently aired a report on Benghazi that's since been proven factually challenged. Lara Logan apologized for it today.


60 Minutes Investigation: Benghazi Was A Planned Al Qaeda Attack

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Last night 60 Minutes aired what it billed as the result of a one-year investigation into the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya.


'60 Minutes' Tracked Down And Confronted The Real Life Saul Goodman

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A '60 Minutes' segment about disability included a confrontation with a lawyer 'Breaking Bad' fans might find familiar.

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