Your Fantasy Basketball Guide To The NBA Offseason

It felt like free agency started on draft night, thanks to the blockbuster deal between the Celtics and Nets.


Dr. J Thinks the Lakers Tricked Philly Into Taking Andrew Bynum


Philadelphia is sour over the big bucket of nothing they got out of the Andrew Bynum trade last summer and will be for a long time.


Fun Video For Sixers Fans: Andrew Bynum Flamenco Dances in Spain


Clearly, I recognize that there is a huge difference between the physicality and rigors of an NBA game and, say, Flamenco dancing.


Fantasy Basketball: The 2012-13 All NBA Disappointment Team

Just because the season is over doesn't mean Dime won't be bringing you any fantasy content.

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Tracking This Year’s NBA Draft Class: The 5 Best Fits For Philly

Each Wednesday, we'll be assessing how the top prospects of the 2013 NBA Draft are faring in college and overseas.


Andrew Bynum To Undergo Surgery, Ending Season With Sixers


Philadelphia fans hoping to continue watching their same crummy team gasp for breath as the NBA's regular season finish line approaches are in luck.


LeBron James Saves Miami’s Winning Streak; Andrew Bynum Is Done For The Year


On this night five years ago, the Boston Celtics ended Houston's 22-game winning streak.


Russell Westbrook Destroys The Lakers; Avery Bradley Puts On A Shooting Exhibition

Coming into a meaningful matchup with OKC, the Lakers were 1-9 against the top four seeds in the West, and 1-10 on the road against the top eight in the West.

Latest News

Andrew Bynum Suffers Another Injury Setback For 76ers


It's seemed like more of a longshot that Andrew Bynum would actually play than miss the season at times this season, and today Philly acknowledged their prized center might not see the court at all in 2012-13 after another setback from a scrimmage.


From Dime 72: The Top 10 Surprises Of The NBA Season

Before the NBA All-Star break we unveiled the new cover of Dime Magazine, featuring Portland Trail Blazers phenom Damian Lillard. As we near the final 20 games of the regular season, we wanted to publish our reflections from before the All-Star break we wrote about in the new issue.


NBA Power Rankings Vol. 2: Miami Jumps San Antonio For Top Spot

The NBA regular season, at least for the teams that hold visions of championships, is just an 82-session practice for the playoffs.


LeBron James, Damian Lillard and the Best of NBA Instagram and Twitter this Week

Twitter and Instagram have added yet another avenue for basketball fans to connect with the personalities of their favorite NBA, college and high school players.

Style Kicks and Gear

The NBA’s 20 Best Hairstyles

The NBA is synonymous with style.


10 NBA Questions That Will Be Answered In 2013

Two months of NBA action is in the books and the good tidings of the New Year is upon us.


J.R. Smith and Exclusive Kicks Dominate the Best of NBA Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram have added yet another avenue for basketball fans to connect with the personalities of their favorite NBA, college and high school players.


Andrew Bynum Implies Kobe Stunted His Growth, Kobe Notices His Perm


Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum saw the best of times and worst of times with the Los Angeles Lakers.


Kobe Bryant Responds After Andrew Bynum Says Bryant Stunted His Growth

The Los Angeles Lakers got their second consecutive victory against the Philadelphia 76ers, 111-98 on Sunday, and it offered an opportunity for injured Sixer Andrew Bynum to talk a little about playing with his former teammate, the cold-blooded Kobe Bryant.

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