Meet The Guy Who Punched An Octogenarian Who Requested He Stop Saying ‘T*tties’ And ‘Ass’ In The Face

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This 26-year-old man is defending his right to say 't*tties' and 'ass' in public like the founders of our great nation would have wanted.


WhatsApplebee’s Is The New iPhone App That Is So Dumb You’ll Believe It’s Real

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Created as a joke, WhatsApplebee's is still a real social networking app that people can use to meet other Applebee's diners.

#dumb criminals

A South Carolina Man Tried To Pay His Applebees Bill With What Now?

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A South Carolina man attempted to pay an Applebee's check with a trillion dollar bill. The more important question is -- could Applebees even make change for that?


Applebee’s And Chili’s Want To Improve The Way You Order Your Sh*tty Food

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We're inching closer and closer to Skynet domination as Applebee's and Chili's introduce tablets for ordering dinner and ignoring your children.


The Joker Takes Villainy To The Next Level, Targets Applebee's

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Apparently The Joker does not belong at Applebee's...

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Japan Facing Second Nuclear Disaster?


The earthquake and tsunami in Japan were terrible tragedies that hurt a proud nation and brought the world forward to help.

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