Tyronn Lue Got Ready For The Playoffs By Eating Way Too Much At Applebee’s

04.15.17 2 years ago

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The Cavaliers opened their 2017 playoff run at home on Saturday against the Pacers. That means the Cavs got to spend Friday night at home in their own beds and eat a home-cooked meal or hit one of their favorite spots in town for their final dinner before the playoffs.

For coach Tyronn Lue, that meant a trip to The Neighborhood for a gluttonous amount of chicken wings. Lue’s final pre-playoff meal was 18 chicken wings at a Cleveland Applebee’s location.

I’ll start with this, Applebee’s gets unjustly hated on. It’s fine and a perfectly acceptable dinner spot and they have some strong offerings, especially on the appetizers menu. Shoutout to Applebee’s apps.

However, I would not endorse eating 18 chicken wings from there. I’m assuming this means 18 bone-in wings, because that’s the default when people say “chicken wings” for me. If you mean boneless wings, say boneless wings or chicken nuggets, because that’s what they really are. Some people will get mad about “boneless wings” being classified as wings, and while I don’t personally care, I do firmly believe boneless wings need to embrace that they are just chicken nuggets and rebrand as such.

Sorry, back to eating 18 wings at Applebee’s. Eighteen wings is a lot anywhere, but Applebee’s wings – which like the restaurant are fine – are not good enough to warrant eating 18 of them. Eating 18 wings is playing with fire, especially the day before you have to stand around on the sidelines on national television. You don’t want the bubble guts attacking in the mid-second quarter because you got too aggressive the night before on some Applebee’s wings.

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