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A Man Named Jack Daniels Named His Son Jim Beam, And He’s Not Stopping There

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Johnny Walker is all about tradition, and that's why he named his first-born son after a popular bourbon.

#House of Cards

Everyone Named Their Babies After Netflix Shows In 2014

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Here are the top pop culture baby names of 2014, led by two Netflix series.


Frotcast 222: The Frotcast Reunites For ‘Bill And Ted’ And Kentucky Child Names

By | 13 Comments

The whole crew is back in the Frotquarters to talk Bill Simmons, Bill and Ted, and baby names of Kentucky.


Key And Peele Talk About Their Most Popular Sketch, Pitch A New Version

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Key And Peele pitched a new version of an"East/West College Bowl" style sketch on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night.


Holy Hell, People Are Naming Their Sons ‘Django’ Now

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In 2014, the name "Django" was more popular than "Andrew." Game over, man, game over.


The Fastest Rising Name For Baby Boys In 2014? Hint: It’s In The Danger Zone.

By | 136 Comments

Nameberry has released its Top 100 baby names for boys and girls through the halfway point of 2014, and pop culture is running wild.


For Your Consideration: The Top 100 Most Popular Puppy Names Of 2013

By | 6 Comments

Here's the top 10 male and female puppy names of 2013. How does your pooch rank?


What Could Go Wrong When Expecting Parents Let Reddit Name Their Child?

By | 2 Comments

69696969vaginalover would be an adorable Reddit-created name for a baby girl.


A Guide To Naming Your Baby After Your Favorite College Football Team

By | 8 Comments

Thinking about giving your baby a ridiculous name to honor your college football team? Here are some suggestions to make your effort easier.


Parents Of The Year Name Baby After A ‘Mass Effect’ Character

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2014 already has its Parents of the Year candidates in the couple who have a baby named after 'Mass Effect'.


ROLL TIDE: An Alabama Woman Named Her Newborn Son 'Krimson Tyde'

By | 13 Comments

Because of her love for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, a woman named her newborn son Krimson Tyde, and people think it's a tad ridiculous.


10 Names Parents Gave Their Kids In 2013 That Should Count As Abuse

By | 49 Comments

Parents just don't understood...when they name their kid Oceana.


The Virginia Zoo Wants Your Help In Naming This Baby Giraffe

By | 5 Comments

Born on June 6, the newest baby giraffe at the Virginia Zoo needs a name, so the animal experts have reached out to the public with a special contest.


An Open Letter To Kim And Kanye On Their Baby's Name

By | 41 Comments

Dear Kim and Kanye, we need to talk about your baby's name.

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Hurry Up And Get Your Bets In For Kim Kardashian’s Baby’s Name Before It’s Leaked

By | 13 Comments

While one outlet is reporting that Kim Kardashian's baby's name is Kai, online bookmakers are still offering odds on a variety of names, including "Kim".


Baby Names Banned in New Zealand vs. Baby Names Considered in Utah

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I give New Zealand a lot of grief for being the world's most far-flung Lord of the Rings gift shop, and for choosing their prime minister via sack race, but one thing New Zealand does do right is to ban parents from giving their kids stupid names.

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